Ngene is designed to be the single source of stated choice (SC) experimental designs. As such, it has an extensive range of features and outputs.

With Ngene you can:

Specify designs with great flexibility:

  • Generate designs with any number of choice situations, alternatives, attributes and attribute levels.
  • Maintain attribute level balance, or specify that an attribute must occur an exact number of times or between a minimum and maximum number of times.
  • Dummy and effects code attributes.
  • Specify logical rules to limit what attribute levels can coexist in a choice situation.
  • Interrogate design level correlations as calculated using a range of correlation formulas (Pearson product moment, G index, J index, Spearman rank, Point biserial, CP coefficient, H index).

Generate full and fractional factorial designs.

Generate orthogonal designs:

  • Maintain orthogonality either across or within alternatives.
  • Obtain orthogonal designs for a very large range of design dimensions.
  • Add blocking and foldover columns.
  • Generate optimal orthogonal in the differences designs.
  • Find the most efficient orthogonal design.

Generate efficient designs:

  • Report and optimize on efficiency measures including d, a, s (sample size), b (utility balance), and wtp (willingness to pay).
  • Report and optimize on efficiency measures for multinomial logit (MNL) models, mixed multinomial logit (MMNL) models (panel and cross sectional) and error components (EC) models (panel and cross sectional).
  • Account for prior uncertainty with normally and uniformly distributed Bayesian priors.
  • Report and optimize on the Bayesian mean, median, minimum, maximum and standard deviation.
  • Draw Bayesian and random parameter distributions with random, Halton, Sobol and MLHS draws, as well as Gaussian quadrature.
  • Optimize on more than one model and error measure type using model averaging.
  • Search for efficient designs using the pair swapping, RSC and modified Federov algorithms.
  • Report utilities, probabilities, the Fisher matrix and the covariance matrix for each model type.

Generate formatted HTML mockups:

  • Format the scenarios by placing design levels, text and radio buttons wherever you like within a table.
  • Format or relabel design levels for presentation.
  • Apply cascading style sheets (CSS) to instantly modify the appearance of the formatted scenarios (CSS files included, or create you own).
  • View the mockups directly within Ngene.

Interact with a modern user interface that maximizes flexibility:

  • Open and evaluate existing data files and designs.
  • Open files independently in the workspace or maintain syntax, data and output files within a project.
  • Retain all syntax runs and associated outputs during a session.
  • Interrogate any design found during a search.
  • Report design properties as needed - no need to decide what to report before the syntax runs, and no calculation of unnecessary properties during the search.
  • Easily view any number of user selected design properties in a grid, and copy directly to other applications including Excel.

and do much more...