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'Choice experiments - Ngene' forum information - please read

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 5:15 pm
by admin
This forum is for posts that specifically focus on Ngene. Broader questions about experimental design, or a specific experimental design issue that you face, should be asked in the ‘Stated choice experimental design’ forum. Posts that are in the wrong forum may be moved or closed by the forum moderators.

The following are legitimate types of posts for the ‘Ngene’ forum:
  • Questions about an error message generated by Ngene
  • Reporting a crash or bug in Ngene
  • Questions about the capabilities of Ngene
  • Questions regarding Ngene syntax
  • Suggesting a feature that could be added to a future Ngene version
Forum users are strongly encouraged to check the following resources before posting to the ‘Ngene’ forum:
  • The ‘Ngene FAQ’ forum
  • The search function in the top right corner of the forum website
  • The latest Ngene user manual and reference guide (The bookmarks, syntax reference section, and search function may all assist)
Additionally, before posting, please check that you are running the latest version of Ngene. All minor point release upgrades are free of charge (e.g. v1.0 to v1.1.1).