The prior for neither choice

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The prior for neither choice

Postby sukunta » Tue Feb 11, 2020 2:35 am

Dear Moderators,
I compared the resulting form three different syntaxes about prior for neither choice. The D-error values the highest is a negative sign, no prior and positive sign, respectively. Could I choose the model from D-error value?
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U(alt3)=b0[-0000001] or b0[0] or b0[0.0000001]

Sincerley yours
Sukunta Muadthong
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Re: The prior for neither choice

Postby Michiel Bliemer » Tue Feb 11, 2020 1:13 pm

You cannot select the model based on the D-error as D-errors are not comparable across different models and priors.

In your case, using -0.000001 or 0 or 0.000001 lead to the same result and the sign is ignored in the dominance checks, therefore I suggest simply using the value of 0. Note that you get a different value for -0000001 since this is -1, not -0.000001.

Michiel Bliemer
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Re: The prior for neither choice

Postby sukunta » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:07 am

Dear Michiel Bliemier,
Thank you so much. That is my typo of value 000000001, I mean 0.000001 and I understand that the utility of neither choice was assumed to zero in Ngene. Then we do not add the prior for neither choice.

Sincerely yours,
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