Types of licenses

Purchase of a single computer license will enable full usage of Ngene on a single computer. If you have already downloaded Ngene for evaluation, this copy can simply be upgraded to the full version using an activation code provided by ChoiceMetrics after purchase.

A multi-computer site license is also available. For information on pricing, terms of the license, and technical information about how the license is implemented, please email sales@choice-metrics.com with an indication of how many users will use the license.


The base price for a single computer license of Ngene costs $US750. An education price of $US500 is available for universities and other education centers. Proof of affiliation, such as a university email address, is required at the time of purchase. If the software is to be used for non-academic purposes (such as consulting) at any time, the regular price applies.

If you wish to pay by direct bank deposit (see below), a surcharge of 10% will be imposed. The regular price will then be $US825, while the education price will be $US550. This is to cover additional administrative costs, and transaction charges, which are higher than PayPal/credit card payment.

If you are ordering from within Australia, GST of 10% will be added to the purchase price, and we will charge in Australian dollars using the current exchange rate.


Payment can be made either through PayPal (you can use a credit card without having to create a PayPal account), or by direct deposit. Details are provided below.

To order Ngene, email us at sales@choice-metrics.com, and include the following information:
- your name and affiliation.
- your address and contact phone number.
- the number of copies you require.
- whether you are ordering with the regular or academic price. If the latter, either email us from a university email address, or provide some other proof of affiliation, such as a university staff webpage.
- whether you wish to pay using PayPal or direct bank deposit.
- optionally, how you heard about Ngene.

Upon receipt of payment we send through two emails. One contains a receipt, the other instructions on how to activate Ngene. If you are purchasing Ngene for someone else, you may wish to provide us with their name and email address, so that we can send them the activation instructions directly.

Payment with PayPal/credit card

If you are paying with PayPal, you will receive an invoice from an official PayPal email address, together with instructions on how to make payment. Transactions through PayPal usually are very quick, so you will be able to activate Ngene sooner than if you pay by direct deposit. Note also that in most cases, you will not need to create a PayPal account to pay using PayPal: you can pay directly using your credit card as with other online payment sites. Please note, however, that in some countries PayPal may charge an additional fee for credit card payment, or payment in a currency other than US dollars. We recommend that you check the PayPal site in your country prior to making payment.

Payment by direct bank deposit

If you are paying by direct bank deposit, we will send you an invoice that includes details of the bank account to transfer the money to. The transfer may take several working days, and ChoiceMetrics will not be able to activate Ngene until your payment has been received.